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John Pierson Jr. is a decorated US Marine Corps Pilot who flew helicopter MedEvac, resupply, insertions and recovery and Search and Rescue missions in 1965/66 and OV-10 Bronco Tactical Close Air Support missions in 1968/69 in the Vietnam War. He also served non-combat tours in California, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Japan. While serving as the Aircraft Maintenance Officer of VMO-1 in North Carolina, his department set a Navy and Marine Corps aircraft availability record and he set a personal Aviation World Record for which he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross.

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Individually hand signed by the author adding a personal touch of authenticity and exclusivity

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John was born on May 30, 1939 in Harrah, Oklahoma. He acquired his early schooling in Harrah, Woodward, Gage, Putnam City, Muskogee, Britton, Owasso, and Oklahoma City. His senior years, grades 8, 9, 11 & 12 were completed at John Marshall High School while his sophomore year was completed in Owasso. His collegiate education includes an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Cameron in Lawton, Oklahoma, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at the University of New Mexico, with areas of specialty in Mathematics and the Industrial Arts and a Master’s Degree in Education at American University in Puerto Rico with an area of specialty in Psychology. His collegiate military training included one year of Air Force Officer Training at Oklahoma University including Pershing Rifles and one year of Army Officer Training at Cameron. His Marine Corps training included two years of service with Fifth Force Reconnaissance Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico 12 weeks of Officer Candidate School in Arlington, Virginia, and Airborne Parachute Training (Jump School) at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

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  1. JJ Siquot

    I absolutely LOVED IT! I was transported to the so well descriptive 60’s and 70’s part of John’s life.
    Where should I begin… I blushed; I found myself in like an action movie scenario at times; I laughed; I cried. I reflected.
    When I saw there were a few pages left, I paused my reading. I didn’t want to finish the book!
    John truly had a fascinating life. I concur with the suggestion to write down his stories. And I’m thrilled that he did and shared his experiences so openly and with a great sense of humor!
    I urge you to read it and ENJOY!

  2. Kathy M

    Great, Soulful, Exhilarating Read!!
    Note: I’m not done reading this book yet, but I couldn’t hold up my review any longer. I haven’t finished yet because the book has many layers and I have decided to read this book slowly and re-read portions again and again before moving on to the next chapter—in the author’s life as well as the book!
    The details in Mr. Pierson’s stories are so well described and written, you can’t help but feel/see his life experiences and laugh, love, worry, hope, and despair with him! There’s something for everyone. Reading his experiences in the military makes me want to be a better person. I have soaked in the training philosophy and processes of our great military and am sincerely thankful for their dedication and sacrifices given in service of this amazing country! 🇺🇸 And Thank You for sharing your story!!

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