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Bronco Pilots follows the career of a Marine Corps pilot alongside his friends, lovers and others in Naval Aviation Flight Training, in combat during the Vietnam War and the aftermath. He and his two closest friends called themselves “The Triumvirate” while serving two combat tours in Vietnam for a total of 27 months as H-34 helicopter and OV-10 Bronco pilots.

A compelling read, this book will take you on a journey of a young man who went to fight in the Vietnam war, set a World Aviation Record, and eventually won the battle against depression and alcoholism. John Howard. Pierson Jr. bares it all as he shares stories like romantic, intimate, intense, exciting, personal, etc. about his relationships and turmoil as a friend, husband, and father.

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John Howard. Pierson Jr. is a decorated US Marine Corps Pilot who flew helicopter MedEvac, resupply, insertions and recovery and Search and Rescue missions in 1965/66 and OV-10 Bronco Tactical Close Air Support missions in 1968/69 in the Vietnam War. He also served non-combat tours in California, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Japan. While serving as the Aircraft Maintenance Officer of VMO-1 in North Carolina, his department set a Navy and Marine Corps aircraft availability record and he set a personal Aviation World Record for which he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross.

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